American Fridge Freezers by Mike Sanderson of Fleetwood

American fridge-freezers are a new and extremely powerful trend in the kitchen hub due to their vast storage capacity and ease of use and accessibility storing a lot more produce for longer periods of time. Coupled with ice cold water on the tap and near instant ice cube creation system they are an extremely sleek and intelligent design.
Here at Mike Sanderson Electricals based in Fleetwood, we stock an ever increasingly diverse inventory of American style fridge freezer units and they are extremely advantageous to have in your kitchen. But why should you consider purchasing one of these units from us? What are the advantages of these units in comparison to the more conventional European fridge units?
American Fridge Freezers Fleetwood
The appearance and function of these American style fridge-freezer units is extremely sleek and fashionable. These units often have a lot of added features such as temperature alarms, digital displays, rapid chill function and adjustable temperature settings. The look and style of many of these units is also very streamlined and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Many of these units are an extremely fashionable and desirable addition to any kitchen. It is important to note that if your kitchen is a regular style then minor modifications may need to be made to your kitchen in order for it to be able to accommodate an American fridge-freezer unit. The units are very tall and wide and can also struggle to fit through standard European doorframe therefore it is important to consider these aspects and calculate dimensions of the area that you plan your fridge-freezer to be placed into.
The capacity and space that these units offer is also extremely advantageous. They offer a lot more storage space for both fresh and frozen produce in comparison to their more conventional counterparts. The range of adjustable shelves, racks and storage allows much more produce to be held and refrigerated for longer which is extremely efficient and convenient for larger families who feel restricted by smaller fridges. Tall bottles, wine and champagne bottles also take up huge amounts of room that could be occupied with food and produce. With American style fridge-freezers you can delegate more space to hold these bottles as well as more space to hold produce due to the fact that you have a lot more space to work with. There are even models of American fridge-freezers that have wine cooler areas on the second door which allows you to store wine for guests with ease without taking up valuable food space.
Some aspects to consider is the size of the unit in comparison to European units. Although it does take more power to run an American style fridge-freezer this is counteracted by the fact that the fridge has a far superior capacity in comparison to their European counterparts. The width and height of the fridge-freezer should be taken into consideration when planning on purchasing one of these units. They are often much bigger than standard kitchen plans and therefore you should be wary of this when planning on which fridge-freezer to purchase. Ensure that you have a lot of space in-between each door so that it can open and close easily and you will easily be able to install it in your European sized kitchen.
There are a vast array of advantages of having an American style fridge-freezer ranging from increased space to ice cold water being on tap and near instant ice cube creation. These fridge-freezer units are also extremely energy efficient and are an extremely sensible and intelligent addition to your kitchen area. They are especially useful if you have a large family or a family that eat a lot of produce or drink drinks that often fill up the entirety of the freezer. You should be able to purchase what you want instead of being restricted by what you can’t fit inside your fridge so what are you waiting for? 
Come on down to Mike Sanderson Electricals based and come see what all of the hype and buzz is about. Our American fridge freezers in Fleetwood are definitely worth the attention that they are getting!