Built In Appliances Fleetwood by Mike Sanderson Electricals

When renovating your kitchen space, it’s important to consider different approaches as you are going to have to live with your choices for at least a few years. Opting for built-in appliances may be a choice for you if you have the extra funds to facilitate a built in kitchen. 
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Built in appliances are basically appliances that are installed into your cupboards, rather than just having them exposed or just with the counter top above them. This means you can match cabinets to the rest of your kitchen, rather than having an exposed appliance which gives you a much more sleeker aesthetic when viewing the kitchen. This de-cluttering of the visual space is desirable for many, and owners can testify why. The visuals given from this flush look can’t be achieved unless you opt for something like a handleless kitchen, which utilises built-in appliance anyway. Built in appliances can also be space saving, as they have to fit within cabinets that are designed for specific sizing.


Any appliance you can think of, whether it be a washing machine, oven, a fridge, freezer or even a dishwasher can all be built into the cabinet units, giving you the desirable hidden look many want to achieve.


If you are on the fence on built in appliances, then consider our list as the information provided should help you decide whether or not you want built-in appliances in your kitchen build. 
-        You save counter space as appliances like microwaves can be installed into the wall just like your ovens can be. This increases work surface area so you get more space to cook with.
-        Smaller kitchens can benefit from being built in as freestanding appliances can take up a lot of room. The cabinets can be recessed where as a freestanding cooker for example can’t be backed into a wall.
-        Aesthetically, nothing can trump a built in kitchen as the de-cluttered visual elements give for a great looking space in your home. Whether you go for a minimalist look or you go for a more traditional style, the incorporation of a built in kitchen can be a worthy addition to any home, big or small.
-        Open plan kitchens are always welcoming, turning your kitchen into a home hub rather than just a utility room. You increase the decorum in the room, welcoming you and your friends to spend more time in the kitchen, rather than sulking off into the living room.
-        Built in kitchens can also keep your walkways clear so you have more room whilst you are using the space
-        Built in kitchens can also be a lot easier to clean as there aren’t thousands of nooks and cranny’s hidden away from you, instead you are met with a flush surface you can easily clean and notice any dirty spots.
If you are thinking of buying a built in appliance for your kitchen, visit Mike Sanderson Electricals and take a look at the largest ranges of Built In Appliances in Fleetwood. Call us on: 01253 875955