Induction Hobs - Why Induction?

If you pride yourself on the way you cook, then why not invest in yourself and get yourself a quality appliance that matches the way you cook? Long gone are the days of using conventional gas hobs as induction is the new but proved kid in the block. Induction hobs can incorporate huge levels of convenience and speed into your daily cooking, so why not think about induction hobs today?

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How Induction Hobs Work:

 Induction hobs function through electric induction which basically transfers power through to heat. This conversion is very useful especially when you know how to harness the heat into a useful source of power, which is what the induction hob does. It uses heating elements that are isolated into the circles laid out on the ceramic surface, giving you an isolated source of heat you can cook on. This induction process is incredibly efficient and is one of the main reasons why people opt for induction hobs. 

The Main Benefits of Induction Hobs

The main benefits of induction hobs are their usefulness in the kitchen. This comes from the speed and responsiveness you get from the induction technology, giving you a much more customisable cooking interface as the adjustable settings you get from induction hobs is miles ahead of what a gas hob can offer you. Some hobs also come with a boost option which is going to heat your cooking utensils even quicker.
You may think that induction hobs are too advanced for the daily user but you would be mistaken as they are very easy to manage. The hobs can be set to a gentle heat which is able to heat chocolate directly without a double boiler which is impressive, as any other heat source would burn the chocolate. Induction is also great for dishes that feature sauce as the gentle heat can be great for foods that need emulsion. The gentle heat won't split the oils from the water so you are able to keep your favourite sauces together.

Induction hobs are greatly convenient as they just offer much faster cooking times than your traditional gas counterpart. Whether you are cooking for a huge family or just cooking the occasional fry up in the morning, everyone can benefit from the addition of a fast and efficient induction hob.
Induction Hobs are also incredibly easy to maintain as there are no removable parts on top of the surface, leaving you with less surfaces for dirt and residue to get stuck. The sleek ceramic surface is very easy to clean, with a simple wipe sufficing in most cases. Older stain might need an additive like washing up liquid, but you are never a few wipes from having the polished face of the induction hob.

As induction hobs are such a widely used format now, many companies have come out with different designs and sizes so you are able to find something that is going to fit your kitchen perfectly. Since their introduction, induction hobs have been widely accepted as a valid format, so why not invest in an induction hob and obtain a better cooking experience for yourself.
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